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On 4th , February,2015, We, YANGJIANG QUANXING HOUSEWARE LNDUSTRY CO.,LTD begins our 34th spring season.

Although it was still a little cold and wind, however, in our factory, it is so hot, for that moment,we hold a LUCKY

DRAW, there are many great awards for the lucky workers, equally, everyone have gifts. Its value amount to about 10000

yuan, this activity makes the workers feel our actual cares and focus on them, and reveals that our enterprises equalkind and harmonious culture and surroundings.

And except for the LUCKY DRAW, we have annual dinner and singing show. On the annual dinner, Everyone had a happy face

to meet Mrs hu, and extended cordial greetings to her and toasted with each other.

For the all time, LUCKY DRAW AND ANNUAL DINNER are the workers welfare in our factory and shows that our whole factory

can work together successfully and forever every year. LUCKY DRAW AND ANNUAL DINNER is a bridge to communicate with our workers well,

it strengthen the contentions between our factory and workers, and add the full vitality toughness of

whole enterprise.

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